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Welker Flatbed 
Cake Feeders

Welker Cake Feeders
These prices are the same for Cake Feeders From 1000# To 2000#
Flatbed Feeder.................$3145.00
Over-The-Side Feeder......$3565.00
Big Plug Kit.........................$178.00
1000# Caker (24 in x 70 in)
1400# Caker (30 x 70)
1800# Caker (36 x 70)
2000# Caker (40 x 70)

This is our Over The Side Cake Feeder

Questions and Answers
What is a Big Plug Kit? When you order a Cake Feeder you have 2 choices..hard wired, which is wired directly to your pickup or the big plug kit, which has two plugs so if you want to take the feeder off the pickup you simply unplug it. This works the way you plug and unplug a trailer light plug.
Can I pull a gooseneck trailer with a Cake Feeder on my pickup?  A gooseneck can only be pulled with a 1000# or 1400# Cake Feeder safely.
What are my color choices for a Cake Feeder?  Black or White.
Are Welker Cakers belt driven or auger driven? Our Cakers are belt driven, Flat Bed Cakers have a diamond top belt, and our Over-the -Side Cakers use a special cleated belt.
What kind of motor do the Cake Feeders have?  All Welker Cake Feeders have a 3/4 horsepower 12 volt motor.
How do I know how much I am feeding?  A standard Cake Feeder comes with a revolution counting system.  This counter/ calculator is used to indicate the amount of feed dispensed on the digital display of the calculator in the cab of the pickup.
Do I need scales? Scales may be desired in a situation when feed consistency does not allow it to flow uniformly, for example dry distillers meal. Most people do not need scales, when you get your Cake feeder and counter/calculator calibrated, you will be able to measure the amount of feed to within a small percentage of error.  Some large scale operations and pure bred ranches need to know exact amounts, and will some times order scales.
Do you do special orders? We have done special orders such as 3000# & 4000# Cake feeders that come with or without trailer.
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