Cake Feeders



  • 1,000LB        24" X 70"
  • 1,400LB*      30" X 70"
  • 1,800LB        36" X 70"
  • 2,000LB*      40" X 70"

*Over the side sizes (pickup box friendly).

Flatbed feeders ALL sizes: $3,215.00

Over the side ALL sizes:   $3,630.00 

Custom order sizes include:

  • 3,000LB        56" X 70"
  • 4,000LB        70" X 70"

*Prices Updated 02/5/2020  

Options & extras for new cakers!


  • You have the option of black or white.
  • Big Plug Kit     $234.00
  • Hard Wired     $195.00
  • Digital Counter $150.00 (Price for new cakers only)
    • Counts revolutions, has a lit up display, and has an all weather steel sensor.   
  • Calculator          $45.00
    • Counts revolutions, and runs off a magnets attached to the caker, and the sprocket. 
  • Scales           $1,925.00
  • Vibrator           $350.00
    • (for milled distillers or other fine feed.) 

Feeder Facts


  • A gooseneck horse trailer can only be pulled with a 1,000LB or a 1,400LB feeder on a long box pickup.
  • Empty cake feeders weigh between 400 & 500LBS. 
  • Flatbed Caker heights vary from 4' 2" to 4' 5".
  • Over the side caker heights are 4' 8".
  • All of our cakers have 2' side walls.
  • Flatbed cakers have the option to be scaled.
  • All of our feeders are belt driven.
  • Our cakers run on a 3/4 HP, 12 volt motor.


**We do not recommend sticky or wet feed. 



If you live to far away to travel to us, we can ship to anywhere in the country and would be more than willing to give you a quote. 

Trouble Shooting / Parts


Having problems? We have the parts to get you running again. 



If you don't want to pay for freight we have a handful of dealers spread through the Midwest. 


ATV/UTV Feeders

Caker Specs


  • Cakers measure 40.5" X 26.5" X 42" and empty weight is approximately 120LBS. These ATV/UTV feeders hold about 650LBS of cake or 700LBS of grain. These units will run on a 1/8 HP 12 V motor and have a 6" wide belt. The belting is the same diamond weave belting that we use on our bigger cakers, it's just not as wide. 
  • The ATV/UTV feeder will have the option to run on a Plug Kit, just like our standard feeders and will also have the option of having a counter. If you do not want the plug kit or the digital counter it is possible to hard wire this unit with no counter.
  • If you feed milled distillers or other fine feed there is the option of putting a vibrator on these as well. 


  •  ATV/UTV Cakers $1,890.00
  • Plug Kit            $148.00
  • Regular Wiring $126.00
  • Digital Counter    $150  (Price for new cakers only) 
  • Vibrator           $350.00